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We offer our customers a 24/7 emergency call out and repair service

Why Choose Ray Electrical ?

Services We Render :

A large portion of a site's electrical energy usage can be attributed to the running of electric motors.  So ensuring your motors are running efficiently can make a difference to your profitability.Ray Electrical's expertise and experience in refurbishment, maintenance and repair will provide you with the relevant and timely support to ensure that your motors run efficiently, reliably and productivety.

  • Repair & rewind of all rotating equipment including AC / DC motors, alternators and motor generator sets

  • VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) of windings.

  • Traction motor repairs / rewinds AC / DC servo motor repairs / rewinds, including those fitted to robots and machine tools

  • Motor audits and management programs

  • Full traceability and identification

  • Detailed failure reports

  • Unbiased repair / replace advice

  • Rebuilds to as-new specification using genuine manufacturer parts

  • Full static and run tests

We are a UK based Rewind Company.  we actually rewind armatures, we rewind field coils & we re-condition electric motors.

We are specialists in electric motor repairs and electric motor rewinds. We have many years of experience in all aspects of electrical windings from small Solenoid coils, DC drive motors and pumps to large AC Motors, both Single Phase motors and 3 Phase motors. Our range of products include all aspects of automotive starter motors, car alternators and6v dynamos through to larger DC traction motors, 12v 110v 240v and 415v, motors, pumps and generators.
We rewind and repair products as diverse as Rolls Royce dynamos, jet ski and motorbike starter motors right up tohydraulic pump motors, Industrial Food Mixers and Ventilation fans.

Motors are considered to be throw-away these days, but not by us.

Parts that most repairers consider beyond repair can be re-built, and brought back to original specification. If it’s not economic to repair we stock and have access to new units we know sometimes you just can’t wait.



We repair electric motors as well as sell you new ones, this means we can advise what you need and why. We will test and report on your old motorbefore we sell you a new one















We offer a range of services from a simple bearing change or motor capacitor replacement to a complete refurbishment, including stripping motorsdown to their component parts, replacing all worn components such as brushes, bearings, switches,cooling fans and of course rewinding both statorsand armatures.

Applications include ventilation fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors, Single phase motors andThree phase motors.


We wind all traction armature and field coils to class ‘H’ insulation standard using Nomex and glass insulation materials and wind with round wire, strip wire and glass braid.

We can supply or manufacture the parts  to repair it.

We connect conductors directly to commutators using specialist resistance brazing equipment 
giving better conductivity and stronger joints and saving you time and money by being able to use original commutators.

It may be a small SMG gearbox pump motor or a large DC drive motor but we can supply or manufacture the parts to repair it.